At Screensign Arts we continually research industries that could benefit from our photometric edge lighting techniques. Looking for ways that an evenly distributed, low-heat light source with true colour reproduction might help to enhance their existing product range or create a new one.





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One of the most practical uses of the SSA Edge Lighting technology is the development of specialised lighting panels for horticulture. The SSA system is being developed for indoor growing applications such as tissue and seedling, commercial leafy greens, micro greens and herbs, along with the potential for large indoor “vertical farm” applications.
Features Include: 
Space-saving light distribution panel only 8mm in thickness
One source dimmable and adjustable wavelength colours
Wavelength colours can be blended with each other
No direct heat to plant canopy or environment
Reduced or eliminated light/colour spots
Direct and very uniform light distribution.


The aviation industry requires specialised options. The SSA Edge Lighting technique allows custom lighting on most plastic and acrylic surfaces giving long life, slim-line illumination which is vibration and shatter-proof and operates on 12V DC.

Low Level Trunking

A further development of the SSA Exit and Emergency signage is a range of applications designed for low wall level and trunking situs. Each installed sign is designed to be individually recognised by the Building Management System. (BMS). When the alarm is activated, the signs automatically illuminate a capacitative switch. If there are people trapped in any part of the building, they can activate the switch which is programmed to send their exact location back to the BMS.
Features are: 
Capacitive switch activation provides an exact location from any part of the building
Optional photo luminescent or battery back up
Additional white safety light to floor
Conforms to existing commercial trunking systems.

Mining Industry

Screensign Arts technology has been on trial in harsh mining conditions where 24/7 operations create special safety issues. 
Vehicle identification which will work both in the dead of night or in dusty daylight conditions, give a special safety edge to men and machinery operating in these environments. 

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