Get the photometric edge

Dynamic display lighting that’s durable and eye-catching

Our photometric edge lighting delivers highly efficient illumination with strong visual impact for point of sale devices, shelving and merchandising displays. We can illuminate symbols and text on POS displays and signage that are evenly lit with true, brand palette colour.

  • Custom shapes and effects
  • Very low profiles: typically 6-10mm
  • Safe low voltage / currents
  • No heat, no glass tubes, no mercury
  • Environment friendly
  • Colour stable, long life

“The beverage dispensing industry has adopted this technology to illuminate point-of-sale applications such as bar pumps, fonts and fountains, due to its flexibility and very low heat generation.”

Photometric Edge Lighting – Two decades in development

After 20 years of extensive R&D in flexible lighting solutions, we have created one of the most durable and eye-catching lighting methods available.

Simple yet elegant

Photometric edge lighting uses LED’s to project pure, cool light into the edge of an acrylic or glass sheet printed with our innovative dot pattern. This pattern reflects the light back to the viewer, creating a bright, consistent and colour temperature-controlled light across the entire surface of a specific shape or profile.

“Our experience with edge-lighting techniques means we have the expertise to take your design ideas through to the production of a durable, innovative product with long life and exciting visual appeal.”

Talk to us about rapid prototyping and delivery of sample units for evaluation.

• LED’s colour and brilliance to suit the application.
• Photometric dot pattern designed by skilled technicians.
• Electronics to suit customer and design requirements.
• Technology partnerships for injection moulding or thermo-moulding complex 3D shapes.

LED Emergency Exit Lighting

Bright solutions for dark moments

Using our innovative Photometric Edge lighting technology, we’ve developed a variety of Exit Blade sign systems.

We call one of these developments “Hidden Graphics”.

In the event of an emergency, a specific, pre-printed hidden image can be activated by illumination from a central control. This enables any exit signage that is no longer safe to be used, to be “cancelled” with a red cross hidden graphic. As these signs can be controlled from a centralised building system, people can effectively be re-directed to safer exits. This world first application has huge potential globally wherever controlled safety or exit signage is required such as shipping, mining, aviation and commercial buildings.

In-Mould Decorations / Distortional printing

Your message in an eye-catching 3D form

By combining specialist In-Mould Decoration (IMD) and distortional printing knowledge, we bring functionality to thermo-formed or injection moulded parts, lowering production costs and improving product performance. The IMD process incorporates decorations, surface finishes and display windows into pre-mould components across industries as diverse as laundry appliances, petrochemical and medical devices.

IMD offers you:
• Improved durability
• Sophisticated surface finishes
• Improved functionality
• Display windows, metallic finishes • Fewer joints; less dust and water

High-precision and high-quality
Specialist inks and carefully controlled manufacturing processes allow high-precision and high-quality sub- components to be delivered ready for over-moulding. Examples are rubber seals or tactile button profiles, all captured behind the wear surfaces.

• Polyester, polycarbonate • Deep-draw thermoforms • Injection over-moulding • Artwork remapping
• More surface treatment options • Reduced component count • Lower assembly costs • Improved durability

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